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  4-Channel Optical Transceiver           

Newly developed optical transceiver, FUJITSU COMPONENT’s o-microGiGaCN series supports electric to optical interface conversion and provides 2.5 Gbps x 4 channel, bidirectional data transfer. The
electrical interface is FUJITSU COMPONENT’s industry standard highspeed differential copper connector, microGiGaCN™ that has been selected by InfiniBand™,10G Ethernet, and 10G FibreChannel.

The o-microGiGaCN makes it possible to extend transmission length up to 300m (2.5Gbps) over fiber optic cable from Industry Standard 4 lane copper cable with Media Detection Circuit (connector detect and power supply circuit) on the customer’s board/host side. The module provides flexibility, allowing the user to select interface options with the one low cost copper I/O connector on the board. The module provides a low cost solution for data center requirements.

    Data SheetThe 4-channel Optical Transceiver(o-microGiGaCN™) launch



■ Converts 4x microGiGaCN to 4x optical interface
■ Optical interface 12-channel MPO connector
■ Up to 100m links with standard 50/125μm MMF ribbon cable at 3.125Gbps
   and up to 300m at 2.5Gbps
■ Reliable, low cost 850nm VCSEL technology
■ 0 to +50°C operating temperature range
■ Low power: 0.9 watts typical with 3.3V power supply through connector
■ Hot pluggable electrical interface
■ IEC Class 1M laser eye safety compliant