Elevated Body Temperature Screening System

2 inch Printer Solution

2 inch Printer with Cutter Solution

3 inch Printer with Cutter Solution (High Speed)

3 inch Printer with Cutter Solution

How we started

Micromax was established in July of 1989 as a distributor of various devices of semiconductor, electronics, electric, and supplies. Current product lines include Etron Technology Inc., Fujitsu Components Ltd. (FCL), Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd. (FOC), Fujitsu Denki Kagaku Co. (FDK), i-Chips Technology Inc., and MAX International Converters Inc. for the markets mainly in commercial, industrial, automotive and medical. Sales regions are primarily in Taiwan and China, and now expanding to ASEAN countries and India.



Thermal Printing Solutions for Public Transportation

Combining with high quality thermal printer head and stable interface board, Micromax Thermal Printing Solution has achieved many successful cases for government biding project both in domestic and aboard. Various type of KIOSK such as train station, subway station, or parking lot could be applied. Now we are expanding our business to more application, such as voting machine.


Advanced Semiconductor Solutions for Image Processing

i-Chips Technology designs and manufactures a number of advanced image processors that are used in a wide variety of products for the conversion, transport and display of digital images. The applications are well suited for hi-end commercial, consumer, medical, professional A/V, broadcast, industrial and military. Micromax provides professional technical service leading developers designing with suitable product and in an efficient way.


Workflow Improvement for Food Labeling and Factory Automation

Developed and manufactured by MAX International Converters. Inc. in USA, MAXStick Liner-Free labels are recyclable, BP-Free, and Silicon-Free product. With its liner-free, removable and restickable, create variable length labels, it is the best fit for the applications of food/beverage retail service, and it could also be applied on factory automation.


Optical Communication Components for Internet Data Center

We work with Fujitsu Component Ltd and Fujitsu Optical Component to explore the emerging market of Internet Data Center with top notch and the highest quality 100Gb, 400Gb, and 800Gb QSFP28 and QSFP56-DD optical components. The asking requirement of the product from whole world are increasing day by day, and we also get highly interesting feedback from main server, storage & switch manufacturers as well as white box companies in Taiwan.