Enhancing Flood Monitoring Systems with IoT and mmWave Radar Technology

In response to the increasing frequency and severity of floods causing significant loss of human life, assets, and public infrastructure, Micromax began developing flood monitoring system in 2018. The system combines Internet of Things (IoT) technology with millimeter wave (mmWave) radar for enhanced accuracy and reliability.

Data Management and Cloud Solutions

To efficiently collect, store, analyze, and distribute data and information, Micromax has built cloud infrastructure for technology development and testing purposes. Customers have the flexibility to use Micromax Cloud, private cloud, or even public cloud options like Microsoft Azure, based on their specific needs and preferences.
Selection of mmWave Radar for Flood Monitoring

Conducting a comprehensive research and evaluation, Micromax aiming mmWave radar as flood monitoring sensor due to superior reliability and accuracy, as well as the advantages in precision, range, and adaptability to various environmental conditions. The mmWave radar is capable of measuring water levels between 30 meters and 50 centimeters with IP68 protection. Supporting SDI-12 and RS-485 interfaces features for seamless integration.
Upcoming Specifications, Engineering Samples and Product information of water level probing mmWave Radar

Detailed specifications and Engineering Sample of mmWave radar RI-1110 will be made available in the third quarter of 2023. This cutting-edge radar will greatly enhance ability to monitor and manage flood risks, ultimately helping to protect lives, assets, and public infrastructure from the devastating effects of severe flooding.