1989 Micromax was incorporated in Taipei, Taiwan as a distributor of semiconductors and electronic devices for markets in Taiwan and China.
2012 A solutions business unit was established to cater to customers' demands for industrial applications.
2016 Micromax  acquire a 100,000 units international project for industrial thermal printer module.
2017 Developed  own IoT Cloud for industrial applications.
2018 Micromax collaborated with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) to develop multi-sensor fusion technology, integrating video, FIR, and mmWave radar.
2019 Partnered with NTUST to develop a perception system and 12 application modules for ADAS.
2020 Micromax collaborated with National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) for the development of mmWave radar modules, including corner radars for ADAS and water level probing radar for flood monitoring via IoT.
2022 Importing control-by-wire system for researching and tuning the ADAS application modules and radar systems.
Installed water level probing station in Keelung City, North Taiwan for perpetual data collection and field testing.


Micromax has obtained three patents in Taiwan in 2022, which are related to object identification training and model building, object detection and marking algorithms, and image fusion technology. Additionally, a patent for the fusion of visible video, FIR video, and mmWave radar, along with the associated perception system, has been granted in the United States.